Monday, April 12, 2010

General Track Building Tutorial/Tipz

I've received 2 emails from people who want to know some steps for beginners. That's why i start now with some video "tutorials". I hope it helps somebody if they see how it goes in 3ds Max.

This track is just fantasy. First step is to create a simple line of the track layout. As you can see in the video i do it fast and not very clean. That's why you have to use "Bezier". With this great tool you can smooth the track very well.

Most rF tracks use ugly 2d fences (the poles on the textures). Do the poles 3d! You don't have to do it manually, just create a line and with the spacing tool, the pole will follow the line how you want it.
Note: You can also loft from this line the fence.

If you have any questions or whises, please mail me ( or comment here!

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