Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This time i will show you again a very helpful tool. You will find it in the "Modifier List". It's called Vertex Paint. With this tool you can paint on a mesh. Click on "Vertex Color Display - Shaded" and then on paint:
You can also choose size, opacity and color

I use it mostly on Grandstands with a roof. So i will paint the part of the grandstand under the roof dark inclusive the people who sitting there.
You can use it everywhere. On the pic you can see that i used it on the grandstand, peoples, seats and the little "building" on the left.
You may have to cut in some new edges because the color adapts to the edges.
Just test it!

If you have any questions or wishes, please mail me ( or comment here!

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  1. Hello, where i can Dowload Mexico Track, thanks a lot for the link ! Y Wait your aswers